Report Problems/Submit Requests

The City of Surrey has a site where you can report non-emergency problems or make requests online and more, 24 hours a day.  It works on your desktop, tablet, and phone.  You simply need to sign up for a MySurrey account.

Property Use Bylaws

Noise Complaints

City of Surrey Bylaws has advised that the easiest way to ensure a noise issue is addressed is to phone every time there is a noise violation. That will generate a new file #. You can then ask for this number to be referenced each time a new complaint is reported.

Noise complaints are not connected to a time of day but rather to the disruption of the enjoyment of others on their property. It could be 4pm or 10 am, if it’s too loud or unnecessary it’s a violation. The officer will decide upon arrival and issue a ticket on the spot. It will be mailed to the property owner.  The charge is $250 per violation and that can happen every day, if someone calls every day.

You can also request a complaint document form from Bylaws to record the activity. There must be at lease 2 neighbours filling these out or they are unable to make a charge stick in court.

Who to call:

Before 11pm,  Bylaws 604 591 4370.

After 11pm,  Surrey RCMP non emergency line 604 599 0502.

 They will attend.  Leave a voice mail, your name, your phone #,  the address in question & your complaint or concern. They will attend.

They return calls and go investigate. The police are able to issue a ticket as well, on the spot.  If there is a complaint for noise or disruption every day they get a ticket every day.