Off-leash dog park in Joe Brown Park

An off-leash dog park has been created in Joe Brown Park. It is located in the bowl to the west side of the park and has separate off-leash areas for large dogs and small dogs. Some of the features of the park include:

  • a gravel walking trail around the perimeter of the park fence to accommodate walkers, cyclists and horses
  • picnic tables
  • poop bags and garbage bin
  • log jumps
  • water taps and bowls

Dog Park Etiquette:

To make sure everyone’s visit to the dog park is a good one, here are some common tips on dog park etiquette to keep in mind.

  1. Clean up after your dog. While your dog may view the entire dog park as his personal toilet, it doesn’t mean you should leave his mess behind. Keeping the park clean not only keeps other dog owners’ shoes clean, but also helps protect against the spread of parasites. If you forgot your poop bag, you will find extras available near the bulletin board. The garbage bin is also conveniently located nearby.
  2. Make sure your dog is vaccinated. All dogs visiting the park should have updated vaccinations. If you have a puppy, whose most likely very eager to play with the big dogs, she should not enter the dog park until she’s at least four months of age and has had her full set of vaccinations. If you’re not sure about your dog’s vaccinations, contact your veterinarian.
  3. Keep a collar on your dog and have your leash on-hand. Keeping your dog’s collar on can keep him safe in case he decides to plan a great escape. Make sure to keep the tags on your dog’s collar up-to-date. Also, making sure you have your dog’s leash with you can help you quickly remove him from any less-than-pleasant interactions.
  4. Actively supervise your dog. While you may be tempted to enthusiastically scroll through your Instagram feed while your dog plays, it’s best to limit the amount of time your attention is off of her. Actively checking in and supervising your dog makes sure that she’s safe and behaving well.
  5. Avoid bringing aggressive dogs into the park. If your dog has a history of aggression with humans or other dogs, it’s best not to bring him into the park so as to not put other dogs and people at risk. If your dog displays aggressive behaviour, speak to your veterinarian about seeking professional guidance.
  6. Be cautious when entering and leaving the off-leash area. The park is double gated to allow for owners to safely take the leash off or put it on, without fear of an excited dog bolting. Step back and take your turn and keep clear of the gates while hanging out in the park.
  7. Keep your dog on leash any time she is not in the off-leash area. City of Surrey bylaws require that dogs are on leash everywhere else in Joe Brown Park, including the trails and open fields. If you are found with a dog off leash outside of the dog park, you will be subject to a fine.

Surrey SPCA has a good article of things to be cautious about if you do bring your pet to the dog park

The off-leash dog park can be a great place for dogs to socialize, burn off some energy and learn from other furry friends. It’s also a wonderful way to get to know others in our community who share your passion for pets. So, take a walk and find your way to this great new feature in Joe Brown Park.

Future plans noted from City of Surrey:

  • trees to be planted outsider perimeter of small dog area to provide shade
  • subtle directional signage to help community to find the park