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Trains – Colebrook Road Extension – Port Expansion!

whistle-cessation-projectCheck out the sign!! Yes, it is the PANORAMA RIDGE WHISTLE CESSATION PROJECT and hopefully when complete, eliminates all whistles below Panorama Ridge! After 17 years of effort, and starting from 13 uncontrolled crossings where trains whistled, this will be a major accomplishment! We are told that they are putting down pre-load this fall, with construction of the extension of Colebrook Road, and the upgrades to the crossing at 127A Street occurring next year. When these upgrades are complete, whistling should cease!

Despite the success described above, recently many residents have complained about train noise. Not just whistles, but engine and wheel noise and coal dust. In the past we have put forward the position that non-whistle train noise could be dramatically reduced during the night if trains simply slowed down.As you may have noticed, when trains travel slowly past the ridge, they make little noise. As you may have heard, Port Metro Vancouver is proposing to double the size of the port at Roberts Bank! This will result in even more trains below the ridge. We are following the approval and consultation process closely, but in the past, the Port has always been willing to listen, but has never offered any assistance of any kind in any of our efforts to reduce the impacts of port expansion on the residents of Panorama Ridge. It seems that to the Port, the public consultation process is conducted merely to tick the box indicating public consultation has occurred.

See: http://www.robertsbankrailcorridor.ca for more information.

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