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Ridge Residents Fight Back

Our experience of reporting non-emergency nuisance activity has not historically yielded good results. A group of frustrated local residents recently fought back to regain their normally quiet neighbourhood.

Tired of nuisance loiterers who parked their cars to drink, use drugs and leave garbage, this group took action. With the aide of the Surrey RCMP, they stepped up neighborhood vigilance by reporting ALL nuisance activity to the non- emergency number (604 599 0502). Increased call frequency led to increased police response with both undercover and marked cars. In this case, their response has been excellent and timely.

The result has meant increased patrols in the affected area and the Ridge in general and no more loiterers. Kudos to the RCMP! Be persistent. This is proof that your diligence in reporting, reporting and reporting, can work. The RMCP encourage residents to report suspicious activity to their non-emergency number.

In the case of an emergency, always call 911. Be aware of what is occurring near your home. Block watch is always an excellent place to start.

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