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  • Continuously document criminal activity in Panorama Ridge and post this list on our website.
  • Issued crime alert notices to areas experiencing an outburst of crime.
  • Started a Citizens Patrol program where residents of Panorama Ridge monitor the ridge in private vehicles and report suspicious activity to the RCMP.
  • Initiated Block Watch campaigns.
  • Provided frequent interface with the RCMP.
  • Worked to close down, and in most cases demolish, abandoned houses that serve as grow-ops, drug dealing and stolen good fencing operations, and general hotspots of criminal activity.

Current Activities:

  • Working with the Mayor and head of the RCMP on a crime prevention strategy for the ridge that will involve the RCMP, the City and the community.

We monitor Colebrook Road for illegal dumping and report offenders, and regularly  organize clean-up crews.

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