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  • Doubled the size of Joe Brown park by having City land legally declared parkland.
  • Permanently saved the headwaters of Eugene Creek from development.
  • Coordinated restoration projects to return park land to its natural state.
  • Extensively enhance existing trails and the development of new trails.
  • Coordinated tree planting in a number of parks.
  • Helped facilitate the creation of Colebrook and Mud Bay parks and recently convinced the City to purchase and add a major land parcel to Colebrook Park.

Current Activities:

  • Currently working on a “beautification” project for Delta View Park after successfully applying for a beautification grant.
  • Developing a plan that will add additional land to Joe Brown Park beside Eugene Creek.
  • Creating of a trail system for Colebrook Park.
  • Working to create a new park in the central ridge that preserves a beautiful mature stand of trees and wildlife area.

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