Natural Environment

  • Colebrook dumping – We have worked with the City over many years to reduce illegal dumpling along Colebrook and reduce the cost to the taxpayer of cleaning up.  Four  cameras have been installed; enthusiastic residents have reported, cleaned up and beautified curbs for two decades.  Garbage is picked up on a regular basis and we have combed through the garbage to try to identify who the perpetrators are. 
  • Triangle park – We were successful in getting the city to mow this area at the east end of Panorama Ridge and to plant young trees so that it can be enjoyed by residents.  We are now working with the city to see about getting benches installed.
  • We are working with the Dept of Fisheries and the City of Surrey on salmon enhancement initiative for Eugene Creek.

Check out this map from The City of Surrey to explore the waterways where salmon and trout live. Can you find Eugene Creek and Peacock Brook in our community?