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Eugene Creek Diversion Project

Eugene-CreekConstruction of the Eugene Creek Diversion dyked channel is now complete, providing flood control to the farms, new habitat for fish and a safe trail from Colebrook to Joe Brown Park..

The concept of the Eugene Creek Diversion was identified in the Panorama Ridge Drainage and Slope Stability Assessment Report completed in February 12, 1999. It was constructed to improve flood management in the agricultural lowlands by diverting the Upland drainage from the Eugene Creek catchment area of approximately 149 hectares away from lowland ditches. Runoff conveyed in these ditches runs along Colebrook Road and drains into the lower reach of Peacock Brook before being pumped into the Serpentine River near its mouth at Mud Bay.

Overall the project includes approximately 980 meters of new channel and dykes. The channel begins at the existing Eugene Creek system located next to the GVS&DD sanitary right-of-way at the bottom of Joe Brown Park and heads south across Colebrook Road and Highway #99. It discharges through an improved outfall at Mud Bay. Along with drainage improvements, the new channel will provide environmental benefits to the area by improving fish passage and providing habitat features such as large woody debris and riparian planting. The improved access and instream habitat features are expected to have a significant positive impact on juvenile coho and cutthroat trout populations currently using the existing channel upstream of the newly constructed connection.

In addition, the top of dyke on the east side of the channel located north of Colebrook Road has been designated a public pathway and provides an important link to the proposed Metro Vancouver Greenway Path from Mud Bay to Delta and to Surrey’s Serpentine Greenway which extends well north to the headwaters of the Serpentine River at 96 Avenue.

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