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DeltaView Park Beautification, Phase 3 Complete!

Residents and representatives of the City of Surrey Parks department gathered on a beautiful fall day to complete Phase 3 of the Delta View Park beautification project.  The objective of this project is to turn a garbage and blackberry infested “park” at roughly the corner of 120th Street and New McLellan into a natural forest.  Phase 3 completed the task of beautifying the first 30 or so feet deep of the park for the entire length it interfaces to New McLellan.  Garbage, old concrete, car parts, have been removed, blackberries dug out, native plants and trees planted, and finally, bark mulch spread over the restored area.  This project was organized by the WPRRA who also applied for and received two beautification grants from the City of Surrey.  These grants help pay for the plants and trees and some machine work supplied by the City.

The results have been amazing!  The front edge of the park now looked like more like a natural area and trees and shrubs we planted in Phase 1 18 months ago are taking hold and growing.  Stay tuned for Phase 4 where we maintain the work already completed and attempt to extend this work deeper into the park.

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