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Crimewatch - 2016

2016 Reported Incidents

Aug 5, 2016: Southridge Drive

vehicle alarm woke me up - apparent male wearing dark clothes and hoodie was attempting to enter visiting daughter's vehicle which was parked in driveway. He failed. Called 911 to report incident

Jun 30, 2016: 121st Street and 57th Ave

Attempted break in of travel trailer parked on driveway. (RCMP report #2016-946-55)

Jun 20, 2016: 139th Street and 56th Ave

Stopped a possible B&E on my house. Was woken to someone trying to open my front door who didn't expect me to be home or even open the door. (RCMP report #16-87336)

May 19, 2016: Southridge Drive area

Thief opened garage door, went into the house and ransacked all the electronics and valuables from the house while family was sleeping. The theft was reported to Police at 7am in the morning. The thief just picked up light weight electronics hinting that no vehicle was involved. Took visa cards/handbag and used them as early as 6:00 am in the morning for online purchase. Police is investigating. (RCMP report #16-69313)

May 18, 2016: 121 Street and 56 Ave

White coloured older model Nissan Maxima seen driving slowly in neighbourhood. Two male occupants. Driver appeared to be aboriginal with short hair. Vehicle stopped, then backed up and stopped again in front of our driveway. Driver appeared to be looking down driveway, possibly to see into back yard. When neighbour appeared in window, car drove away. License plate unknown.

May 4, 2016: 121 Street and 56 Ave

Red pressure washer with Honda engine stolen from under our deck in our very secluded back yard. Not exactly sure if incident took place May 4 evening or May 5 morning. (RCMP report #2016-62259)

Apr 28, 2016: 125A Street and 55A Ave

My neighbor was verbally abused by the youths that reside at a residence in the neighbourhood. They are of mixed race very scruffy and obviously drug users. Their residence has been reported for unlawful activity in the past. It was suggested that if these men are seen wondering in the neighborhood call the non emergency police number.

Mar 30, 2016: end of 53rd Ave

You can say i prevented 2 crimes from happening.

There are some guys driving around in a black pickup (Ford) dumping garbage on this street. i am convinced they are doing it on Colebrook road as well.

On Tuesday i was walking along 53rd avenue with another resident when a pickup laden with garbage passed us by, near the end of the road. When we started walking towards them, they turned and started to slowly drive away. There was no front license plate number. However there was one at the back. it was KA3078.

This evening (30/03/2016), the guys were back with a truckload full of pallets. Same truck, except there were no licence plates. They were about to start throwing the stuff down when i showed up. i did not confront them but kept looking at them. they slowly went back to the truck and after a couple of minutes, and drove away slowly. later i saw them about halfway along 53 ave. they were doing something. they then drove off.

People, please be vigilant. I did not call the police as it would have taken them too long to arrive (not an emergency).

Mar 29, 2016: 56th Ave and 137 Street

Drive by shooting ... 5 or 6 shots ... police arrived on scene.

Jan 6, 2016: 56th Ave and 137 Street

Between 8:30 am and 10:30 am this morning someone came into our backyard and stole our portable table saw.

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