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Crimewatch - 2015

2015 Reported Incidents

Dec 13, 2015: 55th Ave and 125A Street

I heard voices and the dog barked; I looked out the window to see a man jumping over the car gate (7 feet high) out of the yard. He was probably young, certainly agile. In the uncertain light, this is what I saw: Brown wavy hair brushed back. Short light brown jacket ending at waist. Height probably 6 feet or a little less. Pants straight-legged, not flared or skin tight, possibly a light charcoal or stone-washed denim. He got into a white or light cream-coloured mini-van type vehicle: swept back profile, and the back window was wide and the lower edge curved downwards in the centre.
Police were called and responded promptly but we did not speak to them again at that time. Sorry, goofed about not getting a case number.

Nov 27, 2015: 56th Ave and 134th23rd

Two cars arrived. In the first car were two Indo-CDN males who went to the bench on the east side of the property. They were smoking dope from a glass bong. Their license tag is AB2 20J a gray BMW. Another car joined them and a single male joined them: a silver BMW with a black convertible top: BP0 15X. They left 3 min. ago going west on 56th Ave.

Nov 23, 2015: New McLellan and 123rd

Two bicycles and a hammock were stolen out of our shed this morning (RCMP report #2015-167586)

Aug 14, 2015: 120 Stree and 57A Ave

Theft of 2 batteries from travel trailer stored on property (RCMP report #2015-117-308)

July 18, 2015: Coulthard Road and 132nd

Break and Enter (RCMP report #15-102400)

May 30, 2015: 129th and Sourthridge Drive

Vehicle stolen from front of home between 2am and 7am. Police were notified but no police case number supplied.

April 23, 2015: 123rd and New McLellan

Theives ransacked inside of two cars some time during the night. Though there were no valuables, they stole small items and a gas can filled with gas (for our lawnmower ).
The same thing happened during the night on Sunday (April 19th). At that time, though contents of compartments were ransacked, nothing was taken.
Speaking to a neighbour down the street near 120th / New McLellan, I learned her car window was broken and valuables taken from her car.
Both incidences have been reported to police. (RCMP report #2015-555-33)

February 27, 2015: 137 and 56a Ave

Vehicle backseat, passenger window was smashed overnight ... it appears they only took a leather agenda binder.
At this moment, I do not know if my husband has contacted the police or not.

February 17, 2015: 123 and 56 Ave

Four community mail boxes boxes broken into again. Walked to mail boxes at 5700 blk 124th st and it seems that, at least on one, the whole set of boxes is very loose on the stand.
Incident reported to Canada Post.

January 23, 2015: 123 and 56 Ave

Home break in and theft at 3:00pm (RCMP report #15-11154)

January 22, 2015: 124 and 56 Ave

Home break in around 6:30pm. There were 3 guys...they walked around the house to confirm no one was home. They entered via backdoor and went to the master bedroom. The house is alarmed and monitored as a result they were in and out in 4 mins.


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