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CrimeWatch - 2014

2014 Reported Incidents

Dec 14, 2014: 56 Ave and 122 Street

Single white male, age 35 to 45, scruffy looking, Brown Beard, dark colored toque.

Riding a motorized mountain bike, pulling a two wheeled baby carrier. Broke into the above garage, homeowner saw them on there surveillance camera.

911 called, suspect got away. I drove after him, but was about 2-3 minutes behind him and I couldn't locate him. RCMP and Delta Police were looking, but as of now, have not heard anything further.

The bike is very loud, sounds like a loud scooter, but not as loud as a motorbike. This bike and guy obviously looks suspicious, so be on the look out

I would suggest calling the non emergency Surrey RCMP line 604-599-0502 if you see him. Report a suspicious individual in the area, and ask to send out a squad car.

Nov 20, 2014: 56 Ave and 123 Street Cul-de-sac

Community mailboxes vandalized again, mail possibly stolen again. Several individual compartments broken into, with mail either gone or only "junk" mail left behind in a few. Locks from the compartments had been tampered with and/or littered the ground beneath the units. Occurred afternoon of Nov. 20/14 in broad daylight. No known witnesses. There are no security cameras in the area, even though this has happened at least once or twice before. Mailboxes are on a pathway between cul-de-sacs with several bushes around, a few houses, and minimal lighting. Both Police and Canada Post were notified. A report was made to City of Surrey as well, but the Ratepayers Association may be more successful in requesting that anti-vandalism changes, such as security cameras or "fake" security cameras, be installed in the areas involved.

Oct 5, 2014: 123rd and New McLellan

Driver's window smashed and our Dodge Ram 2013 was broken into while parked on our front street driveway sometime overnight (RCMP report #2014-145365)

Oct 1, 2014: Highway 10 and 132nd Street

Two men were seen pushing a very large out-board motor on a bicycle covered with a white tarp coming from Panorama Ridge going north on 132nd Street. Police were called and they intercepted the men. Not sure what happened afterwards....

Sept 30, 2014: West End of 53rd Street

Back door was kicked in. Intruder alarm scared thieves away.... Police attended within minutes but we're too late to apprehend culprits.

Sept 29, 2014: 128th and 56th Ave

We have returned a dog who was in our yard 2x, malnutritioned and beautiful Husky. He actually had a collar and phone number.

Sept 27, 2014: 123 and 57 Ave

At approx. 3:15am someone rang my doorbell. It was extremely dark so they would have required a light to see it. I woke up and my dog started barking. I got up and turned the foyer lights on. I then called out "who is there" and turned the outside lights on. I looked through the peep hole and no one was there. A vehicle was parked across the street and drove off as I opened the door. I just saw a air of tailights and did not get a look at vehicle. I thought I would report the incident as it seemed suspicious.

Sept 15, 2014: 128 and 54 Ave

Resident reported his truck was broken into and dash destroyed. Also had his shed broken into last year.

June 3, 2014: 128 and Southridge Drive

Resident reported her unlocked car was entered and registration stolen. There was nothing to steal.
Neighbor has high secure fence around backyard. Woke up morning of June 4th. to find children's large toys moved from the yard to curbside

June 1, 2014: Somewhere along 133A Street

*Note* I am reporting this all after the fact as it was just an incident that I witnessed the aftermath & heard about at a child birthday party I attended.

At 2:30 AM there was an altercation between some unknown individuals, at which time there were gunshots. This was all told to me by the host of the party, who heard the incident. When I arrived at the party around 1:00 PM there was a black Mercedes with the back window shot out. By 2:30pm several police had arrived, had blocked off the road and were canvassing the neighbours

May 19, 2014: 136B St and 56A Ave

I forgot to lock my pick-up doors on 18-05-2014 and someone ransacked the interior overnight. I found the glove box and center console contents on the front seats on the morning of 19-05-2014 at approximately 6:30am. About $5-$10 worth of changes was stolen. The pick-up was not damaged

May 19, 2014: 122 and 53 Ave

While I did not observe any crime, a SUV with BC plate 995 JTJ (maybe 995 TJT) was parked on our boulevard from 9:30 to 11:30 AM this morning. At 11:30 a young South East Asian male got out of the vehicle, then got back in and drove away

April 25, 2014: 124 and 56 Ave

Attempted break in during the night (friday night/saturday morning). Person went through the side gate to the back of our house and attempted to break in by prising the door open - when that did not work - tried to smash the glass on the door, smashing the glass for one layer but not getting through. Can see cycle tracks on the grass between our house and our neighbour's house, left a rubber glove in a sandwich type bag on the floor near the door. (RCMP report #14-56108)

April 24, 2014: 132 Street and Coulthard Road

This is just an observation as I was weeding the garden. Older model, bright blue pick up truck driven by a red? longer-haired man, a bit unkempt, (age 30 something) wearing a blue? short sleeved T-shirt with a huge #9 on back, drove east on Coulthard Road . Five minutes later driving west , he was stopped by the work crew now on Coulthard opposite my driveway. He jumped out of the van with a 'jerry-can' and proceeded to fill his truck with gas. He was interrupted by the flag person and waved on. He made a comment (can't remember), glanced down our driveway, saw me watching him. It just felt suspicious, he didn't belong here.

April 23, 2014: 129 Street and 56 Ave

Somebody has gained entry to my vehicle parked in my front driveway and went through my glove compartment and centre console removing my sunglasses and G.P.S. but leaving them on the passenger seat. They also took all the spare change that we had in a closed ashtray, no damage to the vehicle that I can find and I am sure that it was locked as I park outside on a regular bases.

April 13, 2014: 129 and 56 Ave

Break in. Valuable stuff stolen. (RCMP report #2014-50031)

April 2, 2014: 129 and 56 Ave

Break and Enter of a truck last night

April 2, 2014: Colebrook Church

Storage shed broken into at the Pre-school over the week-end

March 16, 2014: 121 and 57 Ave

Last night someone took 2 planters with spring flowers that were on a fence near our front door Anyone else experiencing theft of items?

March 16, 2014: 122 and 57 Ave

Theft of an expensive 4' high angel was stolen from my front door. Occurred between 1pm and 4pm. No suspects but they would have needed a car to haul it away.

February 8, 2014: 138 and 56 Ave

Contents of trailer stolen. May not necessarily happened on the 8th. Happened between 7th to 9th? (RCMP report #14-19351)

February 7, 2014: 55A and 132A

Got on the balcony at the back of house and smashed the sliding glass window with a brick. When inside were selective in what they stole: eg. took silver cutlery but not the stainless steel cutlery. Were able to search bedroom and bathroom before alarm went off. Seemed to know that the doors were alarmed and the basement windows were alarmed but not the bedroom window. After the alarm went they exited thru the front door which they shut. So when reliance protectron guards arrived it looked fine from the front. Guards did not walk the perimeter as they are paid to do. I don't think these were kids. (RCMP report #14-18539)

January 10, 2014: 57th Avenue 125A Street

Mailboxes on 57th Avenue and 125A Street broken into again! This is the third time in two months... Please keep eyes and ears open and pass info to RCMP! (RCMP report #2014-4771)

Januray 6, 2014: South foot of 123rd Street

I was leaving my home at 4:45pm and couldn't help but notice three marked police cars at the south foot of 123rd Street. The vehicles appeared to be unoccupied and a police officer was walking across the foot bridge towards the park. Anyone with information as to what was happening please share! Thank you.

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