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Crimewatch - 2011

2011 Reported Incidents

September 30, 2011: Coulthard Road

Truck was vandalized and damaged in an attempt to enter the vehicle. The truck was locked and had nothing of value inside. This incident was reported to the police.

May 20, 2011: 125A Street and 53rd Avenue

A loud party with many guests and cars parked along the boulevard. Police were called multiple times and finally shut the party down at 1:30AM.
Attempts were made to break into vehicles in the area. This same house has now hosted a number of these events and the property may be being used illegally as a wedding banquet hall.

May 2011

Two incidents of Telus cable thefts. In the first case a large piece of cable was cut and stolen causing a large area to lose phone service for about 30 hours. A white van with a bucket lift was seen in the area. A second cable was cut about two weeks later but the thief was interrupted and fled before he was able to remove the cable.

May 2011: New McLellan and 129th Street

A serious home invasion where armed intruders held residents hostage and demanded to know where the money and pot was. They left suddenly when they realized they had the wrong house. This was reported to police but no suspects were captured.

May 2011: 53rd Avenue

Two grow-ops were busted on this street on the same day. Both were rental properties.

February 2011: 55A Avenue

A young person was walking from house to house with a story about needing to borrow gas money that he will eventually pay back. Clearly a scam.

February 2011: Southridge Drive

Reports of multiple cars broken into with small items removed. All the cars were parked in driveways with easy access to the street.

January 3, 2011: Coulthard Road

A car was broken into by smashing the window with a brick. A DSLR camera was stolen and police were called and issued a file number. This car was parked on the resident’s property, not on the street.

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