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Crime Prevention on Panorama Ridge

Thieves that target the Ridge have a new tactic in their repertoire...the thieves place fluorescent pieces of paper in gates or mailboxes of random homes, then scouts identify if or when the paper is removed. This indicates to the thieves whether the resident is home or away. Then they use this information to decide which homes are the best targets for break-ins.

Please be aware of the activity in your neighbourhoods and if you see this or any other suspicious activity call the Surrey Non-Emergency number (604-599-0502) immediately and report the incident. If we do our part, the law enforcement are able to better identify the problems and be more proactive.

With the switch over to day light savings time and the holiday season rapidly approaching, it should be pointed out the importance of outdoor lighting for safety and security around your homes.

To help residents deter criminals and prowlers away from your homes, check out the following links.

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