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Boulevard Trees

Boulevard trees planted on 55 Ave.Only 1 of 2 have survived 5 years.

Boulevard trees planted on 55 Ave.Only 1 of 2 have survived 5 years.

Did you know that there are 70,000 street trees in Surrey and that every year the City plants an additional 4,500? (There is a 12% mortality rate for new trees) These trees are planted for esthetic values, water retention, shade generation and general environmental benefits including climate change mitigation. The City calculates that these trees generate about $11M in benefit each year.

25% of boulevard trees are maples versus western red cedar, the most popular park tree. Boulevard trees are generally of smaller stature because they are planted in areas where they have limited space for root and canopy growth. Especially when they are young, there is a large amount of maintenance involved. The City waters 25,000 trees each summer and encourages residents to water trees on or near their boulevards. The City also prunes the tree canopies and roots, monitors and controls pests, and replaces dead trees. Most trees die from a lack of water, vandalism, mower damage or soil conditions, mostly issues that can be avoided!

Don’t even think about cutting down or damaging a City boulevard tree!
The City’s policy is to fine anyone caught damaging a boulevard tree the value of the mature tree, not the replacement cost! They might value a 15 year old maple tree at $10,000, where the replacement cost for a sapling might be $250.

Boulevard trees enhance the ridge and everyone’s property and we encourage residents to protect and care for them. You may also request the planting of boulevard trees in front of your property.

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