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Block Watch Captain and citizens foil thieves with RCMP support!

Recently a couple of individuals have been riding around our community to steal metal and other items from our garages. One particular home under construction was hit multiple times. A dog across the street barked to alert its owner that something was outside the norm. The neighbour called the owner of the house under construction through their Blockwatch contacts and the RCMP was alerted.... The thieves were caught red handed with a van full of stolen items. Luckily many of the stolen items were returned to the owners, who in some cases had not even been aware that they were robbed...
Joining your neighbourhood BlockWatch program often pays off!

Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility – do your part to prevent crime. Join a BlockWatch in your area, by simply getting to know your area around you, you’ll be able to recognize and report suspicious activities going on. Creating safer communities through neighborhood crime prevention programs is one of the best ways to disturb this negative feedback circle that weakens communities. To get involved in an existing Block Watch or if you have any safety concerns in your area please contact:
Leeanne Kelly
Surrey RCMP - District 3 Crime Prevention Coordinator
Email: leeanne.kelly@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
7235 137th Street Surrey, BC V3W 1A4 Phone (604)502-6560

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