Pride in Our Community

We all take pride in our community and your Association appreciates the efforts by so many of you to maintain your yards and your homes, as well as your contributions to clean up our streets and watch out for your neighbours.  We are always looking for ways to enhance resident’s experience living here.  Some examples follow:

  • Bus Stop Benches – The benches that many of you enjoy while waiting for your bus were purchased by the WPRRA.  Funding came from Association membership as well as from grants applied for to the City.  The labour to install them came from your WPRRA board members.

  • Vacant Homes – Due to the evolving nature of this area, properties will often be sold and the homes left vacant while planning is underway to redevelop the property.  This can become an issue if they are left vacant for an extended period.  The Association takes an active role to identify vacant properties where people may be residing illegally and possibly conducting illegal activities from these homes.  We work closely with law enforcement to provide information that could help them to resolve these issues.

  • Adopt a Street – There is an opportunity for you to adopt a street in the Ridge that you can take pride in.  Go to Love Where You Live – Adopt a Street Surrey for more information.