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The Surrey RCMP has released the 2014 fourth quarter crime statistics. The public can obtain a copy of the 2014 report from the Surrey RCMP website. Crime statistics help police identify trends and emerging issues, which can assist in guiding the deployment of resources and development of prevention strategies. They can also be a valuable resource for residents who want to stay informed and engaged in crime prevention.

This year, Surrey saw a 32% decrease in homicides over 2013. Continued work targeting high risk locations throughout the city has helped reduce the number of locations where this kind of criminal activity is likely to occur. The majority of homicides in 2014 were either domestic related or involving those in high risk lifestyles.

Violent Crime
Violent crime was slightly higher in 2014 in Surrey (7%). Personal street robberies continue to be an issue across the Lower Mainland with the increasing popularity of portable electronic devices. The Surrey RCMP Robbery Unit and High Risk Target Team continue to identify, track, and arrest offenders responsible for these crimes, including a recent arrest of a suspect believed to be responsible for a number of personal robberies using the internet.

Property Crime
Property crime was on the rise across the Lower Mainland, with Surrey seeing a 22% increase that is largely being driving by motor vehicle crimes.

“We have seen a notable increase in theft from auto and theft of auto across the Lower Mainland and even the province,” says Inspector Peter Jadis, Officer in Charge of IMPACT (Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team). “We are working with police agencies across the region, including Surrey, to tackle this spike and focus on the most prolific offenders.”

Surrey RCMP’s dedicated Auto Crime and Property Crime Target Teams have made a number of arrests and are actively working with agencies in other jurisdictions to share information on prolific offenders responsible for committing the largest percentage of these crimes. In the last quarter of 2014, 11% of auto thefts involved stolen keys. This included a number of vehicles being stolen while they were left running and unattended during cold weather snaps.

In addition to increased enforcement and investigational efforts to reduce and solve crime, the Surrey RCMP increased its community mobilization efforts through a number of initiatives last year. The Observe It. Report It. campaign encourages people to report crimes and suspicious behavior, while the Protect It. Lock It. Keep It. campaign take aim at auto crime by asking people to take simple steps to protect their vehicles and valuables.

In 2014 over 90 new Block Watch groups were formed across the city, reflecting the increasing engagement of residents to play a role in crime prevention. The Surrey RCMP is continuing its efforts in community engagement and mobilization into 2015 with the creation of the Neighbourhood Safety Campaign and launch of a series of Engagement Presentations, as well as the continuation of its successful Citizen Police Academy program.

Although this report does not cover traffic statistics, it should be noted that last year Surrey recorded a 28% decrease in traffic collisions causing injury or death. Our Traffic Services Unit, in partnership with regional and integrated units, continues to target high risk driving behaviours including speeding and distracted driving. Educational campaigns such as our #JustDon’tJaywalk campaign along with others involving our community partners also helped educate pedestrians and drivers about traffic safety.

“By releasing these statistics to the community, we hope that citizens use this information to make informed decisions around being engaged in crime prevention activities,” says Surrey RCMP, Officer in Charge, Chief Superintendent Bill Fordy. “With extra policing resources coming soon, dedicated partners, and a passionate community supporting us, I am confident that, together, we can make Surrey the best possible place to live.

Full Report - Q4 2014

Newton - Q4 District 3

Released by:
Cpl. Bert Paquet
Media Relations Officer
Surrey RCMP Media Relations Unit
Office: 604.599.7776

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