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During the Annual General Meeting of the West Panorama Ridge Ratepayers Association on April 23rd, Sergeant Marc Searle of the Surrey RCMP referenced some materials around lighting. The WPRRA Directors would like to share these links with you, so here they are:

National Crime Prevention Centre - Evidence based Crime Prevention Study
Page 29 - studies report 18% reduction of crime in residential areas

RCMP CPTED webpage
Tactics Section - Neighbourhoods (mentions lighting)

City OCP - By Law No. 12900
CPTED Guidelines for lighting (mentioned in general in multiple places in document)
P. 364 CPTED and Lighting (3.1)
P. 380 The main challenge in implementing CPTED is in striking an appropriate balance between security, practicality and aesthetics. Implementation of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principles should avoid a “fortress mentality” and use of retrofit “target-hardening” solutions.

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