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It's that time of year again when thieves are looking for opportunities for the easy targets.
We have had a report of a theft from a shed of 2 bikes and a hammock.
Bikes are: Grey Rocky Mountain and Yellow Giant
Hammock is beige with mahogany rods at end.
Should you see these on the Ridge please contact the police right away file # 2015-167586.
We encourage you to look around your property and see if you are an "easy target".

Should you see anything suspicious in the neighborhood don't hesitate to call the police and then report to our website. It takes all of us to keep our neighborhood safe!

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2 Responses to Holiday Security Update

  1. Maggie Hanson says:

    Hi, I might be the person with the dog who passes by your home picking up garbage on the Coulthard Road, 55a, 56th Avenue route and I apologize for any inconvenience my dog may cause. I do pick up after him, and he is well loved.

  2. Maggie Hanson says:

    On the evening of Friday December 4th/Saturday December 5th thieves rifled through two cars in our driveway. Small change taken from my car and central box lid left open. Evidence of search for a garage door opener in second car, upper box door left open. Reported to police with a file number.
    White Chevrolet pick up seen loitering on Ridge in last two weeks, noted rear license plate number JM 9479.
    Driver wearing black hoody.