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We have been advised that there will be filming taking place in Joe Brown Park this week.
Set up is scheduled for Tuesday Sept 29th. Filming will take place Wed and Thur.
Clean up is scheduled for Friday Oct 1st.

During this time the these areas in the park will be out of bounds:Lower Gravel pit and Cross Country Field.

Limited access area is Riding ring.

There will be a number of support vehicles and trailers parked along the access road as well as the baseball diamond area.

If you plan on using the park during the week there will be a number of security and film crew on site and you are being asked to be respectful and obey any directions given by security and film crew staff.

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One Response to Filming in Joe Brown Park

  1. Abhay says:

    Thank you Laurie. I actually wish I had a litlte more time with them cause they are such and easy and friendly couple to shoot. But I slipped in what I could while the photographer was away and Chris and Crista were awesome troopers despite how hungry they probably were. (Note to future brides: the more time you give the videographer the better the video. wink wink)