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Please be aware that there was an attempted break in during the night (friday night/saturday morning) at a residence at 124 Street. Person went through the side gate to the back of house and attempted to break in by prising a door open - when that did not work - tried to smash the glass on the door, smashing the glass for one layer but not getting through. Must have got disturbed as left a sandwich bag with a glove in it on the floor.
Clearly saw cycle tracks on the grass between our house and our neighbour's house from the night.  Reported to police.

The day after saw a suspicious looking out of place character that was keen to look at our house and the houses in the area - perhaps coming back? When questioned whether he was looking for something or needed help - he cycled away at great speed.  Reported to police and patrol car came out looking in the area. (cyclist in his 50's on a bike with a basket at the back and a basket at the front.)

Friendly Reminder: Please be aware of any suspicious characters that are cycling or driving slowly during the day time - most likely scoping homes.  Please keep garage doors and side gates closed and locked and report anything that looks out of place in your area to the RCMP.


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